Andrew Amore

Current Duke Statistical Science graduate student possessing experience building custom software, developing data pipelines and deploying/maintaining production machine learning systems. I am a proud graduate of The Ohio State University, earning Cum Laude honors in mechanical engineering, computer science, and business coursework. At Duke, I've developed solid statistical fundamentals in frequentist and bayesian paradigms for a successful career in data science. I enjoy looking for insights in large data-sets and strive to add value in any team role.

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Personal & Professional Timeline

Warcraft III on (footman frenzy and tower defense were two favorites).

Java and more Java.

The Ohio State University in Columbus studying mechanical engineering and minoring in computer science.

Software engineer at Battelle Memorial Institute as a member of the CBRNE risk assessment team building probabilistic models for national defense.

First exposure to big data and Hadoop. Worked for retail and government clients. Some project highlights include...
Data Ohio Portal
Duplicate Payments
City of Columbus ERP Migration

Duke master's program in statistical science. Coursework in frequentist and bayesian statistics.

IBM's Extreme Blue Technical Leadership Program. Developed new technology to more efficiently deploy IBM's hybrid cloud software into Red Hat OpenShift.